85 SR5 x-tra cab only in WA

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United States
$2200 firm
new front windshield
new radiator
new water pump
new starter
new altanator
power windows
power antenna
power steering
cruise control
rear window defrost
tilt steering
sun roof
all stock

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TTT .........
up for trades anything equal in price for parts for my 80lc. Bumpers, sliders, lift, lockers, etc.
This looks to be a stellar deal.
also got this to go with the truck if you got more parts

Selling as whole.
Not parting out.
MEAN GREEN is for a 22RE or R. It's not charging and they said they could fix it for half the price. Or if you know how you could fix it yourself.
With everything thats not shown is a 8" toy 3rd w/4.10 open and a TURBO/V-6 toy 3rd w/4.30 open.
Marlin new front 4" springs
Marlin used rear 4" springs
Marlin new front hanger
Marlin new rear flip u bolt kit
new shackles front and back

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Mileage and clutch age? Thanks.
Mileage and clutch age? Thanks.

The motor is not the original motor. It has 168K on the frame and ? on the motor. The guy that i bought it from parted out his truggy and put that motor in the truck. All i know is that everything was done at Marlin in Cali.
does it run good enough for a dd...? how much for it all? 2200 or 3000??

yes i was using it as a DD! Wheeled it once in Yakima.
What does "GASKET IS READY TO GO" mean? Headgasket is on it's way out :confused:

Yes you are correct. The truck still dirves, but ther gasket is on the verge of getting blown. Thats why i bought all brand new radiator, thermostat, hoses, clutch wheel, water pump. Last on the list was the gasket. Just given up on the truck already. Working on the 80LC that i have.
If you want it all

I will sell it for $26oo and that is it. I won't sell the truck if nobody want's it for that price.
$2500 for all. Truck and Lift

Ttt ttt
I'm wondering the same thing. I really don't think it's because of the gasket. There is alot of people out here that have friends or family that know how to do this kind of job. It really isn't going to take more than $300 to change the gasket and take the head to the machine shop. Maybe they are just tired of wrenching like me.
Im guessing the almost blown head gasket is one thing on the list. The next would be extreme East coast travel for the rest of the country... or shipping.

maybe it is the red color.

a 22r-e HG takes less time than going to the mall with my finace'. I just sold an 85 Xcab in WAY worse shape for $1550. This thing should have been off the shelf in minutes... :confused:

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