85 FJ60 Stalls with half a tank

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Jun 19, 2012
Albuquerque, NM
My 85 FJ60 runs fine until it reaches half a tank or less and then doesn't want to start. I drove it a few blocks last night to our local McDonald's (my four-year-old's choice, not mine), parked it for maybe 20-30 minutes and it wouldn't start when I came back out. I let it sit for a while, primed it with some gas in the carb and got it started and drove home. Tonight when working on it, it seems to be getting gas to the carb (you can see it spurt when you press the gas pedal) and it started without too much fuss. I've replaced the fuel filter already, could it be a fuel pump going out? If so, does anyone know if the fuel pump on this is in the engine compartment or in the tank? My Hayne's manual says it's on the engine block in one chapter but the diagram later shows the pump on top of the tank. Also, should the choke plate close when starting up or only in cold weather? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Is it a 2F engine? If so the fuel pump is on the engine block lower passenger side if I remember right. You should be able to see it if you look straight from the wheel well inspection cover. Not sure what the problem could be though.
It was, in fact, on the passenger side engine block. After 3 Auto Zones, 1 Napa and 1 Pep Boys, I have a new fuel pump installed. Drove it around and seemed to run just fine, I'll try again in about 30 minutes and see what happens. Thanks for the tip!

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