craigslist 85 FJ60 spotted...seems like a deal for someone closer

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United States
Spotted this one while doing a blanket search of craigslist. Guy is asking $1000 for a non runner but it looks like it would be a good parts donor. if the front bumpter is not rusty or smashed up it would be worth it alone as I recall those are pretty pricey.

85 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

Virginny, baby!
I wish I were closer to get this thing up to my philanthropic Cruiser yard. Then I would pay forward parts to my fellow 60 fanatics.
I'm close to Virginia. What kind of bumper is that? I may need to make a trip.
I believe its this bumper:


ARB Deluxe Bar Toyota Land Cruiser 60 Series 1980-89 (3410100)

about $900
I saw that ad a couple of days ago. I live in VA and use to work in in Winchester, VA. That is at the tip of VA next to WV.

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