85 BJ60 for sale on V.I.

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United States
If you are looking to restore one this is it.

The truck is located on Vancouver Island near Victoria, Canada
Asking $10,500 cdn

1985 Bj60 285k Km, 3B Diesel , 5spd , 2nd owner, spent alot of its life in California. All miles are highway miles. Gets around 30 mpg

I kept this vehicle stock. It has never been abused off-road.
New toyota shocks, new OME steering stabilizer, new water pump
new 4-core rad, Injecters serviced, Front axle just overhauled, New alternater, Brakes replaced. Tires have 35,000km on them
Oil and filters changed every 5,000 km
Tranny and axles every 20,000km

The truck is well maintained with all service being done by me. I am a Diesel/GT Technician by trade.

Some rust is starting in the normal 60 spots but is still very minimal. The bottom of the tailgate in one spot and the rear wheel wells not on the sides but just the lip curled under. The frame is solid front to rear. Sprayed with LPS3 every 6 months.

The interior is in excellent shape except for the driver seat rip . It is all original.

IT NEEDS: new rotors, maybe exhaust in next 2 years, and of course a lift and turbo.

I don't have the money to do all i want to it and wish to let someone else have a chance at a real clean 60. I have 2 young kids and one income so times are tight. This is my baby and will be sad to see it go.:crybaby:

Pm me here if interested I'll get some pics up soon as the rain stops.


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