For Sale '85 3B and H55 F/S

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May 1, 2005
King City Ont.
I have to put a stop to my BJ40 buildup and sell some of my parts. I have a complete running BJ60. As of right now the 3B has about 140k rebuilt on it and it runs like a top. It has been sitting for about 1 year before I got it. The last time I drove it the t' case output shaft seal was leaking a bit with a slight howl while I drove it. Other than that it pulls strong and it will come with the A/C pump, Alt and starter.

I am open to offers, I am just north of Toronto Canada and I can deliver if needed to the States closest to T.O. for the right price.



You have a PM.

jefsyl said:
So are you selling the truck or the moter and tranny?
How much ya wanting?

Just the motor and trans. I was hopin for around the $2k mark.


Make me some offers guys, if I dont sell it ill be putting it on ebay for the highest bidder.



Phone is 416 821 4202
lavarunner said:
2: Prices: Please put one down on sale items. We wish we were mind readers, but our first guess will be "free" :D

READ the sticKy RULES

He put $2K? seems like a good deal if its in good shape!
Paul, PM'd you. Can you send me some pics and compression specs?
Still here. Too much snow on the hood and too cold to take pics for ebay. Let me know.

416 821 4202.

Beast said:
As of right now the 3B has about 140k rebuilt on it and it runs like a top.
So it has 140k on it after a rebuild? Kind of confused about this explanation, can you help with this.

Still got the engine?

I'm in Toronto & might be interested.

Here are some pics I took this morning. Ill make sure you hear it running before you buy it. If I deliver it Ill start it there.

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