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Sep 3, 2013
A little stumped here, got a 84 with a cracked dash (bad) I am looking to replace it trying to figure out what is the difference between a new dash and a cap, I would like a new dash but have read the caps are just as good, does the cab go over the dash or do i have to remove the dash to put the cap on, I'm not sure about the gluing for the cap any input on this would be greatly appreciated,Love that cruiser
This may/may not help: I initially purchased a cap for my 87 fj60. I ASSUMED it was as easy as a 'peel & stick' type of application. Wrong. First, it's easiest with the windshield out. Second, depending on the severity of your crack(s) and overall condition of your original dash, you may need to do extensive prep work - filling, gluing, sanding, etc., in order to get your pad to sit level and factory-like. And that's just the prep work. But, I'm a little OCD and have ZERO skills in doing something like this myself.

Good luck & if you tackle the project, pictures are much appreciated =)

I'd also like to try the dash cover as an un-glued protection.
Curious if this is an easy on/off solution for anyone.
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I just purchased a gray cap from SOR for my son's 60. His dash is in very good condition but he is in college and leaves it parked out in the lot by his dorm. My thought was to just snap the cover over the factory dash to protect it.

Well, it isn't that simple. The thing is very well made, fits nicely and would be an excellent solution for a bad dash, but it does not stay on well without some adhesive. One bump and it's gonna be on the floor. It comes with a tube of silicone for attaching, and you would probably want to put some weights on it to hold it down while drying.

So, I probably won't be using this one because I am not going to silicone a perfectly good dash. Maybe I can at least get him to start using the sun shield I bought o_O. Kids ...
I have put dash caps (2) on my FJ40 and 1 on an FJ55. The FJ55 dash cap fit flawlessly and tightly without any silicone sealant - I was shocked, and it looked great, and never warped. My first FJ40 dash pad warped along the front edge, and it wasn't due to poor glue application. The mfg. warranted it, and I used a lot more silicone sealant anyway on the 2nd one, and weighted it heavily, and it looks fine.

I would buy the dash cap, prep according to directions, glue it down with many weights, and expect that it will turn out just fine. You can over-weight them, so I wouldn't put tremendous weight on the dash cap.

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