838 - 6.3 vs 12.5

Dec 13, 2002
buggerville nj
So the 80/100 guys have been in a seperate forum since March.

Currently, there are 838 less posts in the 80/100 vs the reg tech section, yet the tech section has 1,052 more new topics than the 80/100 forum. The tech section averages about 6.3 posts per topic and the 80/100 about 12.5. While the 80/100 forum has 47% of the new topics tech does, 80/100 has 93% of the posts.

Hmm. And I guess posts like this just add to the numbers. Well, I'm supposed to be finishing up my paper, but thought I'd take a break. It's storming here, so there was no working on the crusier.
Mar 27, 2003
I noticed how unbalanced the sections were also. We have more time to play on the computer, while they gotta wrench more.

12.5 posts per topic huh? Here's number two. :D
Apr 24, 2003
it's probably because you 80/100 guys send 9,000 posts about the illumination of the light behind a button, and the difference in position of the before mentioned buttons between the years of the 80's.

could also be because 40 guys like me come in here and jump into posts like this because i have no idea what the unladen weight of a 55 series cruiser is with OME suspension, 33's and a rusted door hinge :D

and it's a bit hard to wrench a computer failure 978........

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