83320-60041 1968-6/80 FJ55 GAS Fuel Tank Sending Unit Lives Once Again in 100% TOYOTA Genuine Parts KIT Format Plug Play Screws Gasket Wire Sub Harnes (1 Viewer)


Factory Focus-Point Mind-Set Approach
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Aug 12, 2007
The backs looks the same as mine - only difference I see is on the front of the temp gauge - the marks are slightly different.
And yes- the tank was full to half way up the filler neck.
“Mystery box” is called a Instrument cluster voltage limiter…



I just got finished Shooting a LIVE REAL TIME TECH. Video with and using the above 1/69 Cluster Meter and my 100% NON-USA TOYOTA Genuine Parts

The TOYOTA traditional way by hand with pride and attn. to period correct details and Factory Focus Point Mind Set Approach Applied every

single step of the way ............

- its rendering now as we speak , so stay tuned to see FJ55 1968-8/80
ALL Global Destination Markets Applications FJ55 / FJ56 12v Volts History being made

LIVE From The Rising Sun Mechanical Skunk Works On-Site Laboratory and Concept Visionary Studio ........ :)

1620020223004 - Copy1.png

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Nov 10, 2019
Las Vegas
I installed the Toyota Matt FJ55 fuel sending unit in my June 1969 pig this weekend and it works great! When full the meter goes right up to the F line and when empty just below the E line. My original unit had no ground wire but I found the new unit needed it to register correctly. For the first time ever I have a working fuel gauge!!! Very nice that he includes a new gasket, screws, heat shrink connectors, and long enough wire to run to a ground. Thanks Matt!!

My original fuel sending unit wasn’t working and I tried to buy a FJ40 fuel sending unit, and cut off the arm/float of that one and welded in the arm/float from the old unit. The gauge only “worked” between 1/4 and 1/2 so that was a fail. Then I came across Matt’s unit so bought it immediately. The picture below is of Matt’s unit, the combined FJ40 unit, and the pieces of my original.


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