83 trans into 86 60

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Apr 25, 2007
Castle Rock CO
OK, say you've theoretically shelled the 4spd in your 86 60 and have a trans/tcase from a 83 60. Is the only difference the spacer where the 5th gear would sit in a 5spd? Cause I"m yokin the dead one and if I gotta swap the output shaft so be it. Anyone have any ideas?
That is the only real difference. But that single issue makes for lots of headaches..
Different cross member and drive shaft lenghts.
There is a collar/spacer on the 81-84 output they you'll have to get because it has no bearing on it. There is a picture of the spacer in the last page of Uranus thread.
Different cross member and drive shaft lenghts.

While it is true the cross members are different, they mout to all the trannys in exactly the same location. As long as you have the mount intended to use with the crossmember it will work.

This is important in H55 conversions. Despite rumors, there is no need to chang out the cross member or the mount.

So if you want to use an early FJ60 H42 tranny, it will bolt right in on the crossmember, no problem. It will work with your t-case, no problem. You will need to get your driveshafts resized. ($150 or so). I would not swap the spacer and output shaft-what's the point?
The only reasons are I'm going to rebuild the transfer case (rear output bearing shot) and I did a SOA and it would shorten up my front shaft and make me go to a CV joint on the driveline

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