Trade 83 Bj60 DIESEL 3b for your diesel pickup

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I had originally posted for sale a while back but ive decided to keep it until a trade comes up.

I have an amazing 1983 toyota Bj60 with an 82 diesel 3b. Motor is a dream. Runs like a champ and will for at least a few hundred k more. It has less than 175 on it currently.

Body is impeccable, frame has no almost no rust... yeah yeah but it has some, but believe me it is almost none. New brakes, suspension. Great stereo system w/ ipod hookup.

Currently has a greasecar conversion kit in it, but that stays with me to put into the next rig.

It is 28 years old and needs a few things: new body mounts which are super cheap, new spare tire. some tears in the roof liner. drivers seat has a hole in it. oil pan is dented and gasket needs replaced (previous owners son...)

I had it for sale for 7,000 and had many interested folks. But im not super keen on selling.

Im looking to trade for a diesel pickup in equal or better condition with cash. Ill entertain any offers.


Here's a more pics:

no smoke, 4x4 is awesome, its a tank.

contact me if you have questions or offers:

Currently in Northwestern PA
ditto on the 5 spd, ac, & ps?
I've got a 1997 Ford 7.3 PSD Crew Cab 4X4. 223K. PM me if interested

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