83 bj42 flywheel, alternator etc. for sale.

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Feb 20, 2006
United States
ive got most of the remanats from an 83 3b out of bj60 and some parts from a bj42 3b diesel i would like to sell or get rid of. also included: injector pump and injectors, fan, pulley wheels, head, intake and exhaust manifold, oil pan, also a modified bellhousing that was going to be used to adapt a 3b to a land rover transmission, ill probally give it away if anyone wants it. oh yeah one last thing, i have an old 3/16 checker plate steel bumper that i will get rid of cheap, it is winch ready needs a little tlc, and is for a fj or bj60. im located in calgary send me an email if you are looking for anything or info codychatfield@hotmail.com
3B head

In what shape is the 3B head in please? If there are absolutely no cracks between the valve guides or elsewhere, I would be interested. Do you have a price and pictures?
thank you,
Dibs on the injectors and injector pump, emailed ya.

What would you take for the fan? My 3b fan is chewed pretty good.

You didn't list it but would you have a spare solenoid used to shut the fuel off by any chance?

yes i have the edic motor, which i think is for fuel shut off. i have it sitting on the table right now so whoever is looking to buy i can send pics. no leaf springs sorry. basically i bought a good used motor for my cruiser that was pretty much complete so i am selling the old one away piece by piece and the parts that were different on the newer motor, like flywheel,pulleys etc. and no idont have the power steering either, sorry.
price on alternator (12 0r 24v)?
do you have a starter?
also intrested in edic. how much? please e-mail me a photo of edic to sim69z28@aol.com Larry
sent you a e-mail on starter, alternator and edic. Larry
cody. i need a bellhousing for a 3b. do you still have yours and how modified is it? wil it work for me? haven't got parts yet but it's only been 2 or 3 days. how much did the postage cost so i can add it to the check. thanks, Larry
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hey, sorry i havent replied lately my dell is getting fixed, the bell housing i have with the motor has been modified to fit a land rover, welded up to a different plate, so i dont think it will work, but i dont think theres anyone looking for this so ill give it away if anyone wants it.
cody c said:
dieseipel you say you want the injector pump and injectors how much are you willing to pay?because we havent sealed a deal yet which means they are still up for grabs.

no, no, no.....

post a price. This is not bidding place.

If you want offers....put a ball park figure and list it as OBO ( or best offer).

Failure to do that, you will get the thread deleted. Ok?

Prices guys..... no fishing for the best deal. Post a high price if ya want. Guys will offer lower if they want.


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