83 & 85 FJ60 Interchangable?

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Dec 23, 2008
Carolina Beach, NC
Hey Guys I have a strong running 83 with a crap frame and body... just bought an 85 with good body and frame but has some issues. My thought was to part out my 83 and fix the 85 but they don't look the same.... Guy I bought from told me the carb and or fuel pump was bad in the 85 so I was going to switch out but they are different looking.... One symptom is the car began stuttering/jumping after about 45 miles of driving at around 55 mph.... this gradually got worse at lower speeds. it seemed to be getting to much gas or air, don't know, very evident on hills, would jump or stutter..... does not like to idle and seems to get stuck in choke a little....Not the brightest mechanic, any advice or help would be appreciated.
Change fuel filter then drive, if bad -fuel pump. My 2 cents Mike
Fuel pump and carburetor should "look" the same. I think the same carb was used in the US for all the 60's. The only difference would be whether the truck came with Air Conditioning, which uses an additional vacuum diaphragm mounted on the front of the carb. Post up pic's to help ID the carb.

x2 on replacing the fuel filter--start with the easy stuff. Good Luck.
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Change over in driveshafts and some other stuff was 5/85 -- what month is the '85?
I have learned a little more from previous owner.... Truck has been sitting for a while, maybe gunked up fuel tank, lines... fuel pump was replaced couple of months ago and last night I replaced the filter... same sputtering, bucking... On the to do list for PO was rebuild carb, accelerator pump and choke. looks like the carb issue I thought I had, is wrong they are the same but one is turned 90 degrees.... The 85 was built in July and the 83 in jan of those years.... Also I have a fluid tank in the engine compartment on the right side that the top has been broken with no part number, cannot find it in any books to ID it.... I don't have the same tank in my 83. Its raining here so I will post pics as soon as I get a break in the weather
I didn't know you could turn a stock carb 90 degrees and still have it fit. I didn't think the bolt pattern was square and then how do you line up the throttle linkage? You should get that figured out and get it back to the correct orientation.

There should be either two or three fluid tanks in the engine compartment. There is one in front for the radiator overflow. There is one on the passenger side (usually called the "right side") for the windshield washers. There is one on the drivers side (left side) that is for the headlight washwashers. Not all trucks got headlight washers, so I would guess that is the mystery tank. The cap was sold separately. Specter Off-Road, Inc.-Landcruiser Parts & Accessories shows they have it. You might be able to get it from your local toyota dealer, too.

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