For Sale 8274 winch w/roller & control

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Apr 24, 2003
Southwest Oregon
United States
This is an 8274 in good shape, plastic cover over solenoid pack is good, cable is good, original hook afaik has a roller fairlead. It is located near Medford/Grants Pass Oregon. Prefer not to ship, mudship is cool but prefer you pick up. I will ship but not interested in spending time getting quotes. This has the power in, power out and freespool. Some weathering but not corroded/chalky.. Paypal or cash $500 obo.
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:mad:Dang it!! Why you can't you be closer to Wyoming.... I'm currently looking for just that same thing. Good luck with the sale. :cheers:

If you are seriously interested I would be willing to ship via Fedex if they will take something that heavy. I know new version is $1kish.. My zip is 97544. I'm gonna guess it is around 100lbs.
Try shipping it via Greyhound.
I think they are 110# with 150' of 5/16" cable.

I just noticed that this specific 8274 is a kind of special early design... notice the ~2" protruding casting with the extra fins below the brake housing?... According to Warn, they were toying with the idea of an optional Capstan attachment, but decided against it and omitted that casting section after a couple years...
Great winches - my favorite for sure. :)
I noticed that- I thought that was something left from the early types, as though they were using the same cast from the early brake types. The fins on the clutch brake, the knobs and the brake/clutch design changed over the years too. The neat thing about the 8274 is that all the parts can be upgraded if they need to be replaced.

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