8274 value?

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Jan 25, 2009
I just got ahold of a Warn 8274 that is like new, only used a few times for $500. I am thinking I did alright. What do you guys think?
You scored! I paid $350 for one used and abused that ended up needing a lower case and a clutch rebuild. So I've got about $700 in it and I know how to rebuild it for the future.
I just finished rebuilding mine so I could sell it today, funny this came up.

Its an old one without the free spool knob (I understand that makes it an 8074, technically)... do you guys think that'll hurt me? What do ya think I can get for it. (everything works fine)
That's horrible! Send them to me so at least you won't have to see them every time you open up the garage!


85fr16 you SCORED!

amaurer you can still send yours to me so you'll have a great excuse to visit it in Hawaii!!
The last warn 8274 that i sold after i rebuilt it,with the warn dust cover ,winch plate and very nice serviced i got $700.00 ,the price that you get yours its not bad ,but to me a little hi if you read my tread >> https://forum.ih8mud.com/winching-recovery/261384-warn-8274-little-porn-night.html you can get an idea of all the work that take to make it nice again,but its the best winch for a Fj40 and others 4x4. Now i sport a warn M8274-50 that was serviced by my with all the inf that i found here on IH8MUD.
I'm not liking this thread....I've been looking for a decent 8274 for a couple of months.... Either the good ones were sold already or they needed money invested into them. Had some bad luck when it came to purchasing an item off another site...which made me skiddish of sending $$$ to someone i don't know. Ended up buying one new. Patients didn't last long enough.
Poser hits the nail on the head from 200 miles away! :hillbilly:

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