82' Troopy trailer hitch questions

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May 30, 2020
F-burg, Virginia
Good afternoon,
1) I'm re-wiring my troopy which has the original Australian 7-pin trailer plug on the back. Is there an American flavored 7-pin that's the same style? I'd like to just bolt it on and run wires. Original one is done. The screw terminals on the back are so rusted, I can't get them off. Even with Aero Kroil.

2) While under there, I noticed that the lateral/angled supports aren't even welded or bolted to the frame. There's about a 3/8" gap between the "mounting plate" and the frame. Is this normal? Are there reasons for this? At least one inquiring mind would like to know.

Thank you for sharing any knowledge you can.


Hitch supports.jpg
There should not be a gap there and it needs to be bolted to the chassis if you want to use it. Put some steel plate between the bracket and the chassis and also put some on the top. If you bolt it straight to the chassis or only use plate on the bottom it will bend the chassis in that spot when you tow heavy.

I recommend getting a Hayman Reese tow bar, they connect to the chassis in a stronger spot and don't hang down as far.
I use one except I cut the receiver shorter.

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