Wanted 82 FJ60- TOYOTA grill emblem wanted

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Jan 22, 2007
Chesnee, SC
United States
I need a TOYOTA grill emblem for an 82 FJ60

Anyone have an extra laying around?
I do at home, I could bring it down to NC for you if you remind me to grab it.
Cool Johnny, thanks. Are you out of town for work?

If you want to just throw it in a USPS priority mail $4.95 box I will gladly pay you for your time and shipping.

Slowly trying to get Godzilla back to looking stock in regard to emblems etc. The emblems on the back quarters are allso missing, have to do some looking and see what they look like.

I just order a new dach cover, mine looks like rats tried to nest in it or something. Heather is working on getting the new seats for the front, Volvo leather-tan and we are going to have the back seats recovered to match in nagahide <sp>. Gonna have to kill a lot of Nagas to cover that seat :)

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