82 FJ60 $400 in Leavenworth, WA

e rock

Feb 24, 2004
Monroe, WA
Hey guys, friend has an '82 Toyota Landcruiser FJ-60 he's trying to get rid of. It does not currently run, needs a radiator and some hoses. The block and/or head MAY be cracked as it sat all winter with no anti-freeze. All the glass is in good shape, but it has some body damage on the driver's side rear door and rear quarter panel from a side-swipe. Interior is in half decent shape, the rig is tan with brown interior, it's a 5 speed with the inline 6 motor. Interior is there and in half decent shape. Axles are in good shape.

Call Skyler @ 509-548-4444 if you're interested. He needs to get rid of this thing as he's moving to Alaska, so make him an offer if 400 sounds too steep.
That's all I know. I'm pretty sure it's not actually a 5-speed or else I've got dibs. Otherwise, there's no way I could justify it being in my driveway while I tear it down for parts. Wish I had the time and space...
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