80's rims question

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Feb 11, 2004
Big D
Will FZJ80 rims fit on a 91' FJ80?
5 or 6 hole

Tucker, I have been looking for center caps for my 1994 LC with factory alloy 6 hole wheels. Found a couple of 1990 / 1991 LCs with 5 hole wheels. Did they switch at a certain year?
The FJ80 ('91-'92) came with 15" alloys, where the FZJ80 ('93-'97) came with 16" ... completely different wheel both 6 on 5.5. The earlier wont work on the later, but the later will work on the earlier trucks (problem is with the rear disk dia. on the FZJ). The '98-Current are the only LCs to ever come with 5 bolt hubs -


BTW: best bet is eBay for those caps ... pricey new.
just on ebay

I was just searching on ebay and noticed 98-00 LC center caps were 5 hole. Just above it were 6 hole caps in VA. May be bidding on ebay today!

Thanks for the info!

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