80's Mechanic in Phoenix Area

Jun 9, 2003
Mesa, Arizona
Anybody have a good one they can recommend?

I really need to have some maintenance done on my 93, and I just don't have the time to do it myself.

I would like to get it a general tune-up, adjust valves, change the coolant and the pesky heater hose, change the fluid and filter in the tranny, and adjust the cables in the tranny. That is the big one, I don't want to trust that high dollar tranny to someone that has never seen one before-- but I want to make sure it is in the best possible shape.

Any recommendations?

How far is it to Slee Offroad anyway?




Apr 1, 2003
Jared...the few times I have had my 94 serviced by others it has been done by Big Two Toyota. Alex Carrillo is my service manager. If you go in, tell him Brendan from Las Vegas with the lifted 94 says hello. The pricing has been fair and they have the proper tools and training to do the work. There is a little more comfort in having a Toyota dealer do and stand behind the work. I do not know of any independent shops that have Toyota trained people, especially when working on Landcruisers. One other thing...Big Two puts out a flier every month or so with specials on things like the tranny service. It's always nice to save a buck. Good luck.

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