Wanted 80 series tan/oak steering wheel

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Feb 28, 2007
Portland OR - USA
In decent shape. I just need the outer wheel (not the horn/airbag section) . Some wear on the outer rim leather is OK , but the sections go toward the center should be in good shape.

Im looking for something that I can cover with a wheelskin. Mine is so bad that chunks are missing out of the top of the wheel and the sections that meet the center are worn.

What year do you need? I have one from a 97 that is in decent shape.
Here you go.:) In the first picture, the indents at the 2:30 and 7:00 positions are marks from the parts it was resting on in my shed. I'm sure when the wheel thaws out (it's 10* here now...:eek:) they will disappear. It really is in pretty good shape I think - perfect for a Wheelskin.:steer:

steeringwheel (1).jpg steeringwheel (2).jpg steeringwheel (3).jpg steeringwheel (4).jpg

Call or text me if you're interested.

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