Wanted 80 Series rear window vent cover - driver side

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Feb 7, 2009
Camas, WA
United States
Hi. Need a replacement vent cover for the driver's side on a 97 80 series. Would take trim gasket, too, if a good one is available. Please let me know what you have and how much you want.

I think I might have one on a parts rig. Could check later today.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
Thanks Georg!
I have a,passenger side but no driver side


Try Jason at cruiser yard
Thanks for checking.
i've got one. $20 shipped if i can get it off in good condition.
Awesome. Let me know if it's good condit and how you would want payment.
sorry, it broke where the clips hook in and then the tip broke off. trying to get it off in the dark may not have been a good idea :(
Thanks for trying. Clip broke off of mine as well. May try epoxy this weekend.
TTT. Still looking.
Here's how to remove one per FSM
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1423437611.615708.jpg

Note the nut to remove inside the cruiser.
Here's what it looks like underneath
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1423437727.139460.jpg
I do have some but removing them without breaking the clips isn't easy. Let me see if I can get one off tomorrow while it's 75 degree out, I'll let you know.
Thanks! 75 degrees... wow. Gotta go take the dog outside in the monsoon now...
Just as an update for others, the FSM really doesn't do it the right way- you have to undo the nut at the bottom, then pry the top clip out. The middle clip is the one that always breaks so the easiest way is to slide up and it should come out.

The warm weather helped, and I was successful in removing it unscathed
Good tip. Thanks!
Since it's unscathed, let me know what your price is.
FYI, in case anyone is ever searching on this, they are still available new. About $90 list, $68 Mud price from our fine Mud vendors.
I carry them for $116 a set, $58 per side. ;)
Thanks. I already got one and installed it. Will keep you in mind in the future though - thanks!

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