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crazy canuck

I'm trying to get a handle on an 80 here in canada, and am debating whether I should just import one from California or elsewhere in the US, when I hear about some of the deals you guys are picking them up for..

Anyone know what the pricing looks like for 80 series rigs up in canada?

Thanks in advance
Where abouts you at CC ?
Thought so . I'm in Northern Ontario . Welcome *S* .

I imported my 80 from Texas via EBay . I was a little discouraged by the presence of Canadian 80's on the web or LX450's . It seemed easier to get mine off EBay . Plus I got one that had never seen salt . Just over 2 years ago I got a 65000 mile 80 for under $20K USD . Keep in mind that the exchange rate is kicking ass right now , so if you bought that same rig today you'd save $4800+ Canadian !! I've even considered selling mine here in Canada , and picking another one off of ebay with our strong dollar .

so it was approximately 30K Canadian for yours with 65K miles on it ? is that AFTER all the taxes, duties, etc?--and so if I was to save approximately 5K now, I'd be picking up a 97 for say $25K CAD minus say 3,000 price drop since then--so say about 22K CAD for a 97--hmmm what would a 91-92 or 93-97 be priced at then? appreciate the help..and where abouts are you located, specifically
Secret location .. haha

When I had to get my daylight running lights retrofitted , I emailed all the Toyota dealerships service departments in the Greater Vancouver area . They were very helpful , and also indicated they sell a number of land cruisers . I figured as much , as thats why I went to them to pick their brains in the first place . So my advice ? Seek out your nearby dealers , and chat 'em up . They are in the know as to who has 80's , and the current market value in your demographic . Ask them to add you to the list of guys waiting for one to come up for sale . Also sit down and look for some on the net together . I did just that in the Mercedes dealership 4 months ago . We wanted to establish a fair asking price if I was to sell my 80 and ummm ... never mind *L* . Anyway , we found a bunch on some site ( they were located on the west coast ) , and he told me I could easily ask $35K + ! That would have been right in line with some units we saw in your area . Can't remember the site , but I'm wondering if it was 'auto trader' .

Actually , Canada Trader is a better bet , as it is Canada wide . Auto Trader is only Ontario .


This one $17,500 obo . Its a 92 in Calgary with diff locks :

92= center diff lock, no frt and rear lockers :(

[quote author=Tyler link=board=2;threadid=9714;start=msg85388#msg85388 date=1073388659]
Actually , Canada Trader is a better bet , as it is Canada wide . Auto Trader is only Ontario .


This one $17,500 obo . Its a 92 in Calgary with diff locks :


What else besides daytime running lights need to be added or changed when bringing a US spec 80 into canada? Do the lights need to be done before it crosses the border or after?

John H
Only the lights need to be done (maybe have a child restraint bolt in the glove box). You can do the lights after you get it home.

Search for importing on the 80s tech page and you will find a post from Semlin telling me all about this before I bought mine.

Riley (in Vancouver).

As Tyler has mentioned, you should look at the various 'trader' sites.

I picked up a 1997 LX450 (leather, FF/RR lockers, 'premium' stereo, etc) with 80,000KM for C$26,000 + taxes + repairs (which I knew in advance - tires, brakes, fluids, etc - the 'good news' is that you get to do what you want and KNOW the repair has been done).

Here are some US cases for you to consider, given current F/X:

US$15,000 rig * 1.30 f/x = C$19,500 + 14.5% BC Tax (I think) = C$22,327 + duty, repairs, DTR, etc

US$20,000 * 1.3 * 1.145 = C$29,770 + other stuff

Autotrader in ON showing:

1996 TLC 97K miles (~160K KM) C$23,900 (likely no lockers)
1997 LX450 111K KM C$29,000 (all LXs with lockers, 3rd row seats, leather, sun,etc)
1997 LX450 150K KM C$22,900
1997 LX450 not listed C$19,900

Cheers, Hugh
Hey there.
Once again I will offer a drive way for the cooling off period if you do decide to import one. I live in Bellingham Wa and it seemed to work for simon (semlin's) brother. I also know of a 92 that would be for sale if the price was right.
There is a lengthy post I did a while agao (6 months?)explaining how to import so search for it. I can also email you an excel spreadsheet to calculate all the exchange/import/duty/tax costs if you pm me your private email, but basically, multiply by 1.56 (at .76 exchange), then add $420CDN and all your travel/shipping costs. my brother just bought a 91 with 146k for $6000US with Phaederus's kind assistance. Including taxes and everything on the road it has cost $10,000 Canadian. Daytime Running Lights are the only certain modification and they are $25 from Canadian Tire for the kit plus 30 minutes of your valuable time to install. The other costs are from provincial inspection and federal inspection finding any flaws. Federal is to ensure all safety equipment is there. PRovincial is mechanical. Canadian Tire is the only one who can do federal. Provincial can be most mechanics. Resist the temptation to let Canadian Tire do the provincial as they are thieves who take the opportunity to try to force you to spend some moeny with them. My brother has a set of perfectly good OEM belts as trail spares because Canadian Tire failed them. Make sure any truck you buy has all the seatbelts and make sure the VIN# in the door and on the dash match.
Prepare by :

  • Scouring the web etc for 80's
  • Determine what you're pre-approved for with your bank .
  • Visit the R.I.V. website [ Registrar of Imported Vehicles ]
  • Look up numbers for both Toyota USA and Canada
  • Obtain a Carfax acct or other source for running VIN
  • Obtain a friend that can run a VIN at an American dealership for the original spec sheet on your prospects
  • Find a contact in a prospective 80's State that can run into the appropriate office , pay a small fee , and obtain info on the Title ; lean fee? etc
  • Phone the dealership that serviced your 80 and ask the service dept. about it's service record .
  • Run a better business bureau search on the dealership selling .
  • Use 'escrow' when it comes time to pay .
  • Fly down to pick it up , but take backup .
  • Tell customs when exactly you will be . They will be suspiscious anyway because you're on a one way ticket , but letting know your last known location/destination might be good .
  • Have the dealer/seller sit on the title until you get there , then review it , fill it all out CORRECTLY and then fedex it to the customs crossing you will be using .
  • Make sure it arrives 72 hrs before you attempt importation !
  • Before releasing the funds from escrow , have the seller hop in the 80 with you while you take it to a Toyota dealership to be assessed etc .
  • Enjoy your 3 day drive back to Canada
  • Be sure if you end up at customs on the weekend , that importation is do-able on those days
  • Ensure that all your funds for duty and taxes etc are not frozen .
  • Also ensure that the limits on your debit card etc are high enough to allow release of said moneys .
  • Remember to go to your insurance broker and obtain insurance for your drive back and while you're in Canada trying to make it 'official' .
  • Canadian Tire is indeed the federal inspector . Mine was a joke ! The guy had me walk outside with a pc of paper and copy down my axle weights and tire pressures , and didn't charge me a dime ! (Experiences may vary) .
  • For the above inspection they should be looking for : 1) Daylight running lights 2) Child seat restraint 3) Miles/km on speedometer 4) Billingual airbag instructions
  • I think you have a month to do everything (check with RIV) , and if incomplete by then you must remove it from the country .

Thats about what I can recall off the top of my head .


PS : Before I started a friend in the States suggested I set a $ figure I could spend and then choose the sweetest rig closest to that $ .

PSS: If I were to personally do it again , I would alter these few items :

  • I would seek a locked 97 LX450 .
  • I would use Escrow .
  • I would Take backup for the meet .
  • Carry a cell , with the local PD , Toyota and Triple A on speed dial . I phoned the Triple A in Houston and they comp'd me a trip map out of Texas .
WOW T- :eek:

Wouldn't it be easier to move to the US? :whoops:
No s***e Dan !! Oh how I wish ... not a big fan of 6 month long winters 8/((

PS : Wanna sponser a Canuck ? I'll buy the fancy coffees *toothy grinz* ...
[quote author=Tyler link=board=2;threadid=9714;start=msg85649#msg85649 date=1073422279]
[*]I would Take backup for the meet[/quote]

Like a .45 ???
[quote author=CDN_Cruiser link=board=2;threadid=9714;start=msg85660#msg85660 date=1073423158]
Like a .45 ???

Perhaps 8) . It's one thing to have tactical management skills , confidence in your physical tools , and a tuned awareness ... but sometimes you can just walk into a strange scenario . Detect , defuse , defend ... but how far would you dig to detect ? That is up to you . Ensure you have run thru various scenarios and have eliminated as much risk as possible . I'm making this sound omninous , but better safe than sorry . 8) :D

I was on the phone to my Houston dealer/seller everyday for a month or more . Did every check I could think of ... was as prepped as I could be ; so I thought . The very SECOND I walked thru the fawking door of that dealership they started playin me . They spun the deal around 180° , stalled me out for 3 days but at least returned my $1000USD (meant for delivery , which they never did) . I find out later that the Turkish owner was part of the largest XTC smuggling rings in the world ! Lots went down during those 3 days that has givin me much pause to think . It was a very happy ending , but it gave me insight into how it could have gone really wrong . I'm pretty certain the secretary was a DEA asset ; kinda comical in retrospect . I hope she's still breathing , though I kinda doubt that ...

As for the .45 . Not sure the freshly post 9/11 national guard at the airport would have been amused ... :eek:
Actually getting the rig imported isn't the hard part in my mind. It's not all that bad depending on where you are getting in from.

The difficult part of living in Canada is the lack of suppliers of parts ect... and thus we end of dealing with import hassles for goodies.

Thank god for guys like FaVe to help out in that regard.

I bought mine, '96 w/lockers, 97k miles, in L.A. in November for USD$13k. I ended up buying the one that made me decide to go at that particular time, but I had a list of approx. 10 trucks to look at (I had been looking for about 2 months, bidding on ebay, getting nowhere but frustrated). I was looking at Auto Trader, Cars.com and Auto Recycler mainly.

I had it checked out by a Toyota dealership, $130 including compression test, real nice guys but I stayed with the mechanic the whole time (they weren't thrilled at first) and pointed him in the direction I wanted him to look.

You can avoid California sales tax if you have a lading bill showing that the vehicle was shipped out of the state, ie. Nevada. If you drive it in Ca. then by law you are required to pay the sales tax. PM me for details on how to avoid this considerable expense. I then took 2 days to drive home. My gas bill was $130 BTW.

I've ended up with a great ride that I'm thrilled with, that for the most part looks like new. About the only fault with the truck is the leather interior which is dry and cracked, which seems to be a common problem in So. Cal.

All the paperwork was the same as the other guys, nothing to add there. Good luck, the 80 is worth all the hassle and expense up front, Greg.

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