Wanted 80 Series Passenger Front Manual Seat Wanted

May 23, 2019
WNY For Now
Hey All,

Huge long shot here but I'm looking for a decent 80 series passenger (right) manual seat in Brown.

...Bueller.... Bueller... :hillbilly:

I'm happy with the 93/94 style cloth or the killer 95+ cloth in that awesome funky pattern. I already have a pair of 90/91 cloth and they don't have the integrated seatbelt. I'll happily trade those or sell them to any interested party with an early truck.

I'm in the Buffalo area but I'm willing to drive a fair distance or see if we can work out freight at an un-insane price. Lol. I also may be able to do pick up within driving distance to the Winston-Salem area.

Pics for attention.



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