80 series parting out

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Feb 25, 2007
Colorado m'fing Springs!
1994 lc, silver mettalic, port installed leather in bad shape. pass door,rocker damaged but rest of body is straight.
I am parting out the truck as much as possible, only keeping a few things: head, tranny, axles, steering box, vaf and anything i may decide later to keep

Pretty much everything else if for sale. Lmk what you want with an offer and ill tell you for sure if its for the taking.

List of whats off the truck and ready to go:
all front headlights, turn signals, bezels
fan, fan clutch, shroud
air intake to throttle body
running boards
fender flares(soon)

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No more talking for you or else ill have no parts left for me...:flipoff2:
Yeah i was wondering what you were thinking. I really want to use most of the spares for when i end breaking stuff and the axle swap but of course everything is for sale at the right price...
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Wil be going to pick parts off soon, need anything"?
the arb's still got your name on it, just need a tube first. u can have my old trans if you help me pust in the new one :hillbilly:
sure if i go to the truck by then and if i make to the meeting. i forgot to give you the little door bumps last time also
for the a/c temp control right? id call it more of a knub :hillbilly:
ill pull it but it wont be before this meet, good with u?
My response got lost in the database debacle. Here's my best reconstruction:

Yeah that's the peice I'm looking for. Time is not of the essence.​

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