80 series "overland" water?

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Apr 9, 2017
anyone got any good links to a step by step solar water setup? i'm thinking to DIY something but don't know anything about the topic actually. can i find some kind of prefabbed container at the junk yard or recycling? if so what am i looking for?
i don't have a compressor yet but i've considered installing one.
What are you after?
I have solar.
I have water.
'Nare the twain mix.
If you reply to this thread, realize you’re opening Pandora’s box of questions. After you answer the first volley of questions, there will be more questions. And then more questions within questions. There will be so many questions, by the time you get finished reading and rereading the questions, you won’t know who you are anymore and will feel like you’ve morphed into the twilight zone. Good luck to all who dare traverse this mind-fürcked landscape.
Yup, but it's why we're here... gluttons for punishment.

The types I've seen here, for washing off at the beach, are 4" or so black ABS tubes on the roof racks. The number of people needing showers determines how much water is needed. The diameter and length of the tubes determines how many gallons of water are carried. They are set up with a QD and a hose that goes to a hand wand, along with some way to get the water out, ie air pressure.

Keep in mind that water weighs 8#/gallon. There are 231 in^3/ gallon.
A piece of 4" pipe 4' long holds (3.14159*4^2/4) *48 =603 in^3 or 2.6 gallons. Enough for one person to comfortably take a shower at the end of the day or a family of 3 to rinse the sand off their feet.

3 peeps = 7.8 gallons at 62 pounds on the roof, and if the tubes are partially filled, the weight is sloshing around, unless you put in baffles.
I run a 15gal tank, 8"x16"x35", mid-mounted vertically behind second row.
It is piped for pressurized input. Onboard pump handles output.
Also piped for 3-stage filtration of natural water. (gray)
And piped for a 4th stage UV treatment for drinking water.
Hot water is handled by separate, self-contained propane heater unit (Camp Chef, for example), using water from tank or on-tap fresh water source.

PM with any q's.

edit:the solar just feeds the power source for the pump and UV element.
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