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Dec 20, 2014
I have a few parts I pulled off of my 94 LC and they`re just sitting on the shelf. Hope someone can use them. My LC came from Texas and the body is in great shape (no rust) so these pieces are as well.

Mudflaps. All bolt holes in good shape including the metal backed holes. I wiped them off a little but armor all would help. $60 shipped. Payment pending.

Rear hatch wiper assembly. I removed it and plugged the hole. Worked fine. All parts are there and includes a new wiper blade. $30 shipped. Payment Pending.

Alloy wheel center caps. Center paint is faded but all retaining clips are there and no cracks. $40 shipped. SOLD!

If you buy the caps and want them, I`ll throw in the 2 factory locking lugs and lug removal tool free.

1994 style bumper vents. I saved these from my original bumper that was bent up by previous owner. Slightly deformed at the top screw holes. $10 shipped. SOLD!

Please be warned that I`m a pretty busy guy and shipping may take a few days. I travel for my job and rely on my wife at times to mail things for me. She`s an actress and also busy at times so shipping times will vary. Thanks!
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