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Apr 21, 2012
**All Items Sold**

Selling some extra items I picked up for my LC that I ended up not needing.

All of these are brand new. The Koyo is the copper/brass model from the 93-95 Land Cruiser, which many people say is better than the aluminum core that are available for the 96-97 model years. It is a direct fit in the 96-97 models as well.. This one was sourced from an authorized Koyo retailer so you know it is authentic and not one of the counterfeit units that GoPart likes to sell..

All of the parts below support a radiator swap with associated hoses as well as new PCV and Thermostat. In addition to swapping those parts it is a great time to also do the drive belts. There is also a pesky heater hose in the bunch.

I'd prefer to sell this as a bundle but can do separate parts if the bundle doesn't sell in a week.

All parts are brand new and unused. I have receipts available for all items below.

$400/shipped takes everything. Paypal preferred.


Koyo Radiator (1) - Model C1917 $350/shipped

Supporting parts $100/shipped for all below. Also, the parts below reflect a 25% discount from list price (see images below)

Rad Hoses (3) - $30
Vent Hoses (2) - 25
PCV valve and grommet (1 each) - $10
Pesky Heater Hose (1) - $3
Thermostat (1) - $16
Drive Belts (3) - 20






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