80 Series Misc Driver Side Under Hood - loose wire questions

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Dec 10, 2018

I am a new 80 series owner with my 1996 LX. Currently, I'm checking out the rig and educating myself on it.

Looking under the hood, on the driver's side, just in front of the firewall, I see a loose connector and some bare wire.

This photo shows both:

DetatchedConnector and Exposed Wire.JPG

What is the loose connector (blue arrow) & should I reconnect it somewhere?

This is a zoomed in image of the bare wire (annotated by the blue box in the above pic):

Can anyone tell me what that wire is connecting into? It appears to have some solder on it, so I'm concerned it has disconnected from wherever it should be.

Thank you!
Well, the black connector to the silvery box in your picture is pretty critical to the working of the vehicle. The silvery box is the igniter and its job is to fire the coil to get spark. I've attached a clip of the wiring diagram. If the butchered wire is solid black, then it goes to a filter/capacitor (not critical as such). You still want to fix that wiring, I presume it was damaged by the PO or one of his rodent friends.


I'll let someone else chime in on the floating connector and whether it should go to something. There are many 'extra' connectors on our 80's that are for other markets.

You can download (for free) a bunch of the 80 manuals (including the ewd - electical wiring diagram). And it's for a '96, so a perfect match for your vehicle.

The 1996 LX450 is wired a little differently than the 1996 Land Cruiser. so you may be able to get by with a '96 FSM for the L/C, but you'd be better served in the long run to get a copy of the LX450 FSM. I have one (complete) (although mine is split up in sections for my use, so not really feasible to send); feel free to PM me if you have LX specific questions.

It looks like the PO did a little Advance Auto parts shopping in the past (that SAE hose isn't OEM for sure), so you may have trouble finding all the answers to all your questions, based on what's there now.

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