80 series look-alike wheels

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Jan 30, 2006
I've read that there is a company that makes "imitation" 80 & LX450 wheels. How different are they, aside from not having TOYOTA written on them?

Is there a website where one can buy these?

I've searched but can't find anything...
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Toyota (or Nissan, Honda, Subaru, etc.) usually do not make their own wheels, ignition parts, air conditioners, alternators, etc. Those parts are contracted out to other companies based on manufacturer specifications. Those contracts are usually based on exclusivity so that the parts cannot be distributed except through dealer networks for a certain period of time. There are exceptions such as time on the market, and such. When the patent runs out on a certain style of wheel, the company may offer a near copy at a lower price. Be sure that it is a near or identical copy, and not a cheap knock-off from some place like Korea, which does not recognise western patent rights or manufacturing quality..

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