80 series landcruiser, automatic, overdrive?? (1 Viewer)

Nov 9, 2014
hello guys i have a a 1990 model fj80 with a 3FE motor and a A440F automatic transmission , i use it mainly for towing my race car and occasional bush trios with my mates if i tow in 3rd it revs to much and if i put it into [D] it is like it shifts into 4th gear the overdrive about 2 seconds latter, is there a way to turn the overdrive off or have it disconnected? if is shift from say 3rd gear at 3000rpm to [D] it will drop to say 2200rpm then about 1900rpm about 1-2 seconds after,
thanks for your help
Dec 8, 2006
New Jersey
The A440F is a completely fluid controlled 4 speed transmission. The last "shift" you feel is the torque converter locking up, not another gear. The short answer is no, you can't control the TC lockup.
However a modified valve body is available from Wholesale Automatics that allows for TC lockup in 3rd gear as well as 4th. This will give you slightly lower RPMs in 3rd and generate much less heat.

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