80 series keyless entry/alarm remote OEM $45 (1 Viewer)

May 6, 2004
Southeastern PA
Used remote, OEM. last three #'s are: 013 for the FCC id... so it will work with a lot of the 96-97 80's/lx's... may for others as well, but that's up to you to figure out. I am selling this for a friend...as he sold his truck as well & just came across this one. some marks from wear on the keychain. Nothing broken, battery good (well tthe light light up wit either button use, but I'd swap in a new battery if it were me). Great deal @ $45 shipped. Paypal is cool. or check/cash/MO. No pics, sorry... this is the one with the 2 round buttons (like all the lx's) & the Toyota sombrero @ the top.

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