For Sale 80 Series Interior Spare Tire Carrier (1 Viewer)

Jun 11, 2003
I built this for my recently sold 80 back in 2004. It mounts in to the floor in the cargo area on the (U.S.) driver's side using the captured nuts in the floor where the third seat bracket mounts, and up high where the same side seat belt mounts. I had a 33" tire here but it would likely hold up to a 38" or whatever you can fit. Wheel is held in place using all-thread to welded nuts. This thing is a solid and affordable way to get your spare out from under the truck and safely secured inside.

The photo shows the mount as if you were looking through the mount and out the driver's side cargo sliding window.

$200 picked up in S.E. Pennsylvania. Will post measurements and weight to ship on your dime.


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