80 series hydro-assist steering....

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Oh...Durka Durka Durka.
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Oct 1, 2003
Did a search, no results.

So what are you running??


Yo Poser,
Not sure, but if you are asking for any 80 series folks that are using hydro, that wouldn't be anyone. The ps ain't great in the 80, but so far no one has had major issues with tires up to 36, or 37. Christo lightened his rig's weight by a lot, so that won't count.

Got my mail today - thanks dude. :cheers:
You are welcome Mike. I hope that you find something in there someday that can help you out. I use a lot of grade 8 ASE fasteners when mounting bumpers, winches and hard points, and have yet to find a better fastener than what Caterpillar offers. Granted they use the European metric standard and not the Asian for metric fastener head sizes, but it is not that big of a deal to me.


I really did not think that anyone was running it, but wanted to ask. I was going to post it in the 80 section, and still might, but I think that I may end up going a completly different direction for a manual gear. This is the 80 that is getting Dana 60's, a RamJet/700R and a 4.3 Atlas..

I would contemplate full hydro if it was not going to see street time, but since it will, it is not an option.

Good luck!


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