80 series high oil pressure.

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Jan 24, 2007
My 80 has had a pegged out oulnpressure gauge at all rpm since I bought it 3 years ago. Never paidnit much mind as oil never looked ragged, consumption was normal for a 1fz, etc. just figured it was the gauge.

I recently found a receipt shoved under a seat from several years back that shows a firestone place changed the p/s pump. It got me wondering if they messed up, didn't install, installed incorrectly the pressure relief valve.

I'll put a mechanical gauge on it this weekend and see if it's just the gauge, but figured I'd ask y'alls opinion or expertise on whether or not my opinion is plausible.

Thanks in advance
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What would the power steering pump have to do with the oil pressure gauge?

The most likely cause is probably a bad pressure sensor.
most likely the sender wire shorted to ground. if the wire falls off the sender and touches the engine, this will cause the gauge to peg at max
I'm pretty sure you have to pull the relief to change the p/s pump

It's not the gauge in cluster,it's the third cluster this thing has had.

I'll put the mechanical gauge on it this weekend. Thanks for posting that picture.

On 1fz there is no relationship between the power steering and the engine oiling system.

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