80 Series front Swaybar Disconnects

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Cannot speak to the performance of the Slee's, though the Slinky HD should be plenty stout, I will know when I install them in the next few weeks.
Nice looking rig though.

Poffint taken, *disconnecting* both can theoretically be done with the right setup.
Phil, have you designed or do you sell a disco for the rear bars? I will be purchasing a front disconnect from you in the meantime.

We have found you can get full articulation with the rear bar connected even with a HD rear bar. Testing has also shown a 15%+ increase in articulation with the front disconnected.

We do make Severe Duty rear links Land Cruiser Products - LCP - Severe Duty Rear Sway Bar Links - https://sites.google.com/site/landcruiserproducts/severe-duty-rear-sway-bar-links
that video would not help me because my driveway is not that clean! So I would be completely lost just getting under my truck! :)
Just ordered a set of sway bar disconnects. Can hardly wait to receive them and try them out.
They are great. Super easy to install and easy to use. Been using mine for 6-7 years now. I definitely notice the difference in articulation on the trail when sway bar is disconnected. Best of both worlds being able to drive around with front sway bar attached and wheel unattached.

Here are a couple pics of the pin that replaces the factory bolt on the sway bar axle tab, and the disconnect holding bracket bolted up on the frame. Super easy to install, use and a well thought out design in my opinion.

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