For Sale 80 Series (from '97)Misc Parts

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Feb 25, 2016
Tampa, FL
United States
Clearing out my garage...lots of stuff needs to go. Price listed OBO...shipping not included. If you want more pictures just PM me.

Pictures at: 80 Series Land Cruiser Parts

1. *Sold*SCS F5 Matte Jet Black 16x8 wheel (x1)-$120
-New, scuffed by Discount Tire on Install and immediately replaced

2. *Sold*LC 80 wheels (x5)-$250
-Original, lots of scuffs/scrapes

3. *SOLD*Lug nuts (x27)- $10

4. *Sold*LC 80 hub caps (x5)-$100
-Almost new (purchased Jan 2016, Toyota emblems painted black)

5. Air Cleaner Cool Air Intake Silencer-$5
-Original, functional

6. Air Cleaner Cool Air Intake Duct-$10
-Original, functional

7. Gold Rear Hatch Full Time FWD emblem-$20
-Some scuffs

8. Gold Rear Hatch Toyota emblem-$20
-Some scuffs

9. *SOLD* Rear Upper Hatch “Toyota Land Cruiser” Emblem-$50
-Some scuffs

10. Left Rear window louver-$20
-Gasket falling off and mounting hardware broken (can be JB welded in place I suppose)

11. *SOLD* Dash Cup Holder-$60
-Almost new, purchased in Jan 2016

12. OEM Front Grill (chrome/gold)-$75
-Used, scuffs

13. *SOLD*OEM Headlamps-$120

14. *PS SOLD, DS available* OEM Parking lamps-$30

15. OEM Turn Signal lamps-$30

16. OEM Tail lamps-$75
-Used, some scuffs

17. OEM Tow Hooks-$10

18. Front Door Glass Rt- $40
-Used, no scratches but some stains

Pictures at: 80 Series Land Cruiser Parts
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Pm sent about ds headlight and dash cup holder.
PM sent about Lug nuts, Rear "land Cruiser" hatch emblem, and tow hooks, shipped to 75022.
Headlamps and cup holder SOLD!
"Land Cruiser" emblem SOLD!
I didnt see the lug nuts sold - so, are they shank (95-97) or acorn? If shank, black color, and available, Im interested and do you take paypal? Thanks.
Still available.?See pic below...I do take PayPal.
Lug nuts sold
PS parking lamp sold
Bumped up for prompt sale, shipping, and delivery. Lug nuts good as advertised in the pic.
I would take 2 of the wheels please. Can you let me know about how much shipping to 92065 would be?
thank you,
PM sent for rear DS tail light.
Can't send PMs. my box is full and can't find how to empty my box. how much for it shipped to Tarrytown, New York. 10591
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