For Sale 80 Series DS Interior Spare Mount

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Sep 16, 2011
United States
Package deal for both the DS tire carrier (Jonsey's) with additional mounts, tire cover, and PS mount that I used to 20lb Powertank, but could be adapted for whatever.


Roll tested and approved with 37" Krawler on TR beadlocks and 20lb tank mounted.

Asking $500 shipped in CONUS.
interested in the DS mount if you'd seperate.... Any pics of how the tire mounted.... ?
Any pics of how the tire mounted.... ?

Only pic I have on iPhone.

126lb wheel/tire combo after rolling at speed.


Crash tested, as the mount didn't move, so the tire gave.

Shipping will account for $50-60 of asking, so the DS mount is listed at well below cost, so passenger side mount is kinda free, since I didn't it having any real value separate, and why included.
With a 255/85/16 and a tank on the other side how much space would be in between them? You had a much bigger tire than I would use freeing up a bit more space. Could you sleep in between with the setup I'm talking about. As in lay a bag and crash not a fancy platform. Also where are you located? Thank you.
With that size tire, a tank very well may fit behind the tire, negating need for the second mount.

The tank mount may come in handy for something else, they're a matched pair, and it's, essentially, thrown in on this deal.
I wanted to hear some quotes on having a bumper made but 2 guys I contacted on here said no 80s. I really like this idea because I'm not going for extreme use, or space needed. I still need to solve the rear bumper problem if I grab this. What's a good simple bumper with just tow hooks and integrated hitch. Not a swing out type. Because before I commit to this I need to solve that. I'm going to read up and I'll have a firm answer tmrw. Thank you.

When you say tank behind the tire do you mean between the tire and window or tire and tailgate? Just trying to visualize using one whole side the width of the tire as storage and then make a bed passenger side. So with the tall skinny and tank on driver side that should open another foot or so right? Thanks
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Will try to mock up and measure later today or tomorrow.
Thank you. I am moving more towards this cause a rear swing is 15-2500. Once I solve the tire I need to solve the bumper. Is there something that bolts into the 4 holes in factory bumper with a tow hook that can handle a snatch recovery? Cause with this tire mount and a recovery point I'm good. Thanks.
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$400 for both shipped in CONUS

There isn't a better built, better designed tire carrier on the market and no way to replicate the quality of this offering for $400 shipped.

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