For Sale 80 series driver´s side seat belt

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Mar 8, 2015
United States
Hi, I have this seat belt for sell, grey color, driver´s side, please check the picture to confirm it fits your 80 series. $30 plus shipping. Thanks!

Seat Belt Driver´s.jpg
is it new? does it function like new (nice and snappy tight)? what yr 80 did it come out of? i need a 1995-1997
Hi, is not new but works great, I don't know what years it fits but does not fit my 1992 fj80, that's why I'm selling it. I bought it here from a member. Thanks for asking!
I will take pls. 89011 nevada.

Serg the picture shown is that the actual seatbelt that is for sale? You mentioned grey in color....looks brown to me unless im going color blind...
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Hi Allan, that´s because of the light in the room but it is grey. Check this picture under the white light. Thanks!

seat belt 2.jpg
Bump for sergio good price! I need brown.
Did this sell yet? Has anyone found out if this will fit in a '95? If so, I am interested.
Sure. I'll take it. As long as it will fit a 1995 F80 and is in fact gray. If that is all correct, then just pm me a PayPal account. Or however you want payment. I can get it to you today with Paypal.
It is grey for sure, but I don't know for sure if it will fit that model. I ordered it for my 1992 fj80 and it doesn't fit that model
I just took mine apart. I am almost certain that is the same one as mine. It has the same slide. Same color. Bolts are in the same place. What was it that did not work for you? Unless you can tell me something I am missing, I am still interested
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I think it will work for me. I'll take it. What do you need from me? I will PM you

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