80 series diffs on 105 series

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Mar 12, 2010
Good day,

I tried a search and didn't find an answer.

The problem I have is this: A friend bought a 105 series 2004 model, 1HZ non turbo engine. The ratio in the diffs is 1:4.3. The truck is with 32" tires and a manual gear.

We want to improve his on-road capabilities - at the moment anything over 100 kms per hour the rpm is too high and it isn't comfortable driving this way.

The truck is very very rare in Israel (only 3 in civilian hands) and the solution I thought of is to switch the complete axles, front and rear, with 2 axles that we took off a European spec 80 series (diesel manual), with a diff ratio of 1:3.74.
The advantages I see:
1) Original Toyota E lockers
2) Diff ratio more suitable for on-road driving
3) Rear disc brakes

Disadvantages - ???

Another option is to switch just the 3rd member - the diff itself.

Waiting for your thoughts on the above,


Probably cheaper and easier to just change the diff gears in the centre you have. But if you want the lockers, the 80 complete diffs will bolt straight in as the chassi's are the same. You will lose your current 5 stud wheels though as 80 is 6 stud.

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