Wanted 80 series damage multipliers

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Jul 23, 2019
Louisville ky
Looking for a complete front and rear set of very good condition front and rear brush guard / light guards for the 80 series. OEM only. Thank you for anyone considering parting with theirs or who may know of someone potentially interested! I am in Louisville ky. I can pick up if reasonably near but also have no issue paying ground shipping and for local UPS store to pack and box it as well (so as to reduce burden on seller). Thank you all and hope all is well!
Can you post a photo of what you're looking for? I have some front light guards, but I don't think they are 'OEM' (if Toyota even made their own parts for this)

A set like this is what I had in mind! I would look at items similar though!
I have this one I’m going to remove.

Not sure how I’d get it to you though.

I’m in So. Cal 92867



@KYLXFJ - And the headlight guards - yours if you need them. I believe they fit the above-mentioned guard.


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