Wanted 80 series complete locking axles or diffs + parts

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Feb 28, 2007
Portland OR - USA
United States
Looking for a complete locking axle conversion or locking diffs with long spline shafts or any parts needed from the dash switch to the computer to wiring etc.

Im on the west coast. Let me know what you have and price - thanks
there's a set in the classifieds at the moment
Mikesta just messaged me. I think he's got a couple of sets.

Good luck bud!

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
Yes Lynch,
I moved to Missouri. Uship, Fedex, UPS and USPS are all friends though.
Yes Lynch,
I moved to Missouri. Uship, Fedex, UPS and USPS are all friends though.

If your parting out any locked rear axles I'm looking for another rear 9.5 locking diff. Possibly any wiring. This is for a 40 Series so nothing else would work.
Not parting the axles at this point but will sell you the whole... and you can part out
If I would have know you were moving back east I would have probably met you along the way. Shipping to AZ and then parting it would cheaper buying one local and parting it. Mainly how they have been popping up lately. This is for a project on the back burner anyway and hoping something pops up local or just ship the diff. Already have one locking diff, long splined axles for both front and rear as well as late model 40 series FF axle with the hand brake. My list is slowing disappearing of parts I need and once I get a few more I'll have to put more effort into the diff.

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