80 Series Build --- Mods I have made

Nov 26, 2017
Macclenny, FL USA
This has been a labor of love and it continues to be. Thanks to everyone on ih8mud who posts their builds and are willing to take the time to answer questions from people like me.

My 1996 Land Cruiser currently has 389,000 miles with the original engine and transmission.

Upgrades done so far:
Added Bottle Opener to Rear Frame (1st things 1st)
Old Man Emu 4" Lift kit
Mud tires from Simple Tire (find them on ebay)
Removed all carpet and put in DIY bed liner paint
Removed and sold 3rd row seats
Added Snorkel
Added Heavy Duty Bumper from Soflo Bumpers
Badland 12,000 lbs Winch
Added Roof Rack from Soflo Bumpers
Aux battery set up in rear of vehicle
Aux LED lights
Added Shovel/Jack bracket to roof rack
Added Awning to roof Rack
New Transfer Case
Upgraded head lights
All engine seals and gaskets
New Power Steering pump
New brake booster
New distributor
New plugs and wires
Dead Man Offroad

Still to be done:
KISS drawers from Land Shark (on the way to me now)
Flip Up window from Land Cruiser Products (Already have it and will install soon)
Heavy Duty Rear bumper. I need this badly
Aux fuel tank
Aux water tank
Swag Tent
New Seat Covers



Old Man Emu.JPG

Lift Before.JPG

Lift After.JPG
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Nov 26, 2017
Macclenny, FL USA
Off brand recovery tracks (they work great by the way--I let a jeeper borrow them recently after he got his wrangler stuck)
Reese Recovery Loop

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