For Sale 80 Series Brown Cloth seat covers complete set

Oct 15, 2021
San Bruno, CA
Been a long time. Back about 15+ years ago when I had my '93 FZJ Cruiser, I bought an entire set of seat covers, head and arm rests, in brown cloth from someone here on this site. I had a feeling that my newborn son would inevitably cause the destruction of our cloth seats (he didn't) but when a complete set of cloth covers came up for sale, I bought them. IIRC the seller said they were new takeoffs, and it's hard to say one way or another, but it doesn't look like they had much use, if any.
The two front manual seats, middle row, and 3rd row covers, arm and head rests are included.
My question is what is this set worth?
I sold our cruiser about 10 years ago, and while cleaning out the garage came across the box of covers.
When I can I will layout the entire set and photo them.
Thanks, and yes I still miss our Cruiser.

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