80 series birfield - brand new - Newark CA - S.F. Bay

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Aug 10, 2007
United States
I have a brand new 80 series birfield still in the original packaging - never opened - from SLEE offroad. For sale for $175 or sane offer like $150. 175 is already $50 off list price. (Part #: NF-80-BIRF ) I now carry fully built left and right axles complete with joints in PVC pipe, so I will not need another spare Birfield in addition to that. I would rather you come and pick it up. I live in SF BAy Area near Fremont/Union City off 880 on Thornton Ave. My zip code is 94560. Great deal on a spare. CM08 is coming up soon. Its good to have one in the toolbox. Best way to contact is email (I do not check PM or threads often) to 4wdking@gmail.com

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I would like to call first in line on this, but need to get some details on the piece, i.e., is it a new oem birf, or an aftermarket? I am going to guess that its aftermarket given the price and the link. Do you have any insight on the longevity of the aftermarket piece, in other words will it last as long as an oem one?

this is a slee offroad birfield - you can contact them about the longevity - I would think it is OEM equivalent or better, this is not the chinese mistery metal some people are starting to disseminate on ebay etc. Slee is like one of the most trusted suppliers for 80 series parts and aftermarket, pretty much everything on my 80 series originates from their shop if it had to be replaced or upgraded, I am simply brutal on my LC and I have not been able to make anything fail from slee. I am just as confident in birfield from his business, but feel free to give them a call. The parcel has not even been opened.

Slee - Drivetrain - Drive Shafts

you can check it out here
2nd in line if you'll ship.
I will pass on this. Thanks for your patience. I will also send an email to your personal account.

Looks like #2 is up. #2 if you're going to pass let everyone know - I need this part.
Any suggestions on best (least expensive but reliable) method of shipping? If you can please contact me via email 4wdking@gmail.com - for better communication. My mud presence can be blotchy.
I'm going to pass :cheers:
sorry - I am cross eyed. I forgot to bring to post office today, but I do not have paypal so what are we going to do about the trasaction
Paypal takes about 5 minutes to setup and after that you can receive payments. Once you receive the payment you send it directly into your checking account. If you transfer less than $500 per year you will not get hit with a service charge. The process is quick and easy. Other than that, the only other option is to send a check all the way to the west coast, wait for it to clear and then wait for the shipment, this process will take at least 2 weeks or maybe longer.

I would prefer a paypal transaction.

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