80 series axles

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Jan 7, 2005
Wet Coast
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Ok, I've finally gotten around to pulling my axles and they are available for sale.

Front: open diff, freshly rebuilt(less than 1500 miles), new seals and bearings, trunion and wheel, new rotors and pads, synthetic oil in the third. The panhard mount has been surgically removed- this axle was originally under a RHD truck but comes with LHD steering arms and links. Also comes with control arms and Slee blue castor bushings. $700

Rear: open diff, full floating, disc., from an HDJ81 but requires no mods to bolt into a LHD. $400 SOLD

Loaction: Delta, BC and yes I can palletize and ship

I also have some extra axles, birfs and rear control arms for the 80 series. Let me know your needs and I'll see what I have. I haven't looked too closely at what's there yet.
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i need some birfs...got any? are the HDJ81 birfs the same as the early NA 80 birfs ie: shorter than the later model ones?

are the rear lca's stock?

in fleetwood and interested...let me know thanks
Brain fart what side is the drop on the axles. May be interested.
Axles are pass side drop. The spare birfs are from a 97 FZJ80 not the HDJ81.
Front axle and spares still up for grabs. Avoid the mess of a front end rebuild- just swap this in and good to go! Rear is sold.

PM's replied. Thanks!
Front is still up for grabs. Make an offer!

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