80 series ARB Winch Bullbar--needs a bit of help. $350 St George, UT or Phoenix, AZ

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Dec 22, 2002
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Got a used 80 series ARB Winch Bullbar for sale. Not sure how old it is, and it hit something at some point before I got it and one of the roller fairlead mounts was bent in a bit. I bent it back up so it looks better, but I was planning on just cutting the roller mounts off (you don't need it to run the hawse style). The bumper was pushed in a bit at the bend too so it needs pulled out a bit. Whole bumper could use a sand-blast and powder-coat in the near future.

It really does look ok, but could look a lot better with a little bit of work. Will throw in the IPF driving/fogs that are on it as well (including all wiring).

Located in Phoenix but I am heading towards SLC, UT Wednesday if you are in Vegas or somewhere else along the way...

$300 OBO (mis-typed in the heading as $350--I only want $300)

Pic in a bt.

Hey, i am Phoenix and wanting to buy one. The small damage you are talking about....easily fixed with a little muscle or thats the way it is? As soon as you get some pics available would you email them to me at shannonburchardi@gmail.com. I got dibs on this one boys!

A bent 80 bumper is an upgrade from my bent 60 bumper on my LX....
Ferg, We could have done a package deal with that Kaymar bumper! Count me in for #3 on this one and if everyone else drops the ball, let me know and I will shoot you the cash.

Any pictures?
Sorry it took so long for the pics. I've ran back up to Utah and the truck stayed in Phoenix. I'll be back in Phoenix next Friday (the 9th) and I'll be pulling this bumper off.

I also have brand new ARB lights and lenses for this bumper that haven't been installed and they're included.

I can also include a slee a/c dryer skid plate for $50 more.

Here's some pics.

ill check back with you next weekend and we can arrange for me to take a look at it.
I think your description of "rough" is accurate. I think I will pass on this one, I am picking up your Kaymar bumper later this evening.
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Is that the only bend damage?

The reason I want to replace my 60 series bar on my 80 is that it was from a rolled truck and the upper hoops are pushed back on the passenger side as seen in this pic:

Cody: Tie it to a tree and pull it out.

If I tie it to a tree and back up....the bumper will probably come off...lol.

Its only tacked together all ghetto fabulous style to make it fit on the 80 (work of the previous owner who rolled the 60 and put the bumper on his 91 80).

I wanted to get a real 80 bumper so I can connect a winch without killing 12 people if I ever try to use it.
So uhh...this still available in AZ?

I have to be running down to Phoenix in the next few days to pick up my 3rds with the new gearing and lockers, so I can snatch the bumper up too when I'm down there.

Lemme know...
Sorry to leave everyone hangin for so long. The bumper deal I was getting feel through because the bumper deal that guy was getting fell through. Anyway, I gotta keep this bumper for now. Prob just go back to my original plan of cleaning it up and re-PC it and just keeping it.

If you decide to let it go, let me know...New LX450 in the family:beer:
cut off the fairleads... chop up at will, re-pc and keep.
K. I've decided to let this bumper go now. $350 with A/C dryer skid and lights, $300 without A/C dryer skid. Pick up in AZ. I don't have time to deal with shipping at this time.

AZrider has first dibs, then CodyRx7, then Kavik.

I'm also needing a stocker front bumper to replace it so any help there is appreciated as well.

Or buy the whole truck from me for $6K or so...

Is this bumper still available?

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