For Sale 80 series ARB Front Bumper -$600

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Jun 12, 2012
United States

ARB 80 series bull front bumper. FLORIDA

I'm selling my ARB 80 Series Land Cruiser / LX450 front bumper. This bumper needs to see a frame straightener or welder to be perfect. I'm asking $550 and you pay shipping, I'm located in northern FL. Shipping will be around $130-150 but you can look for best deal and let me know. I included pictures of the bumper on my 80 and the 2 areas that need to be pulled straight. Frame shop said it would take an hour to a max of 2 for a slow pull to straighten it but the bumper requires being attached to the cruiser. I e-mailed a few pictures to auto frame shops and welders within my state and the quotes I received to fix the bumper were between $100-200 . I would have got it done but it required having to make a round trip of 400 miles and I kind of wanted to make a Frankenstein ARB with extra push bar and cut in some custom round fog light holes but never got around to getting it done.
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Frankenstein idea

This is kind of what I was leaning to wanting to do but never pulled the trigger due to a busy schedule.
I talked to ARB in Australia and I was informed by the technician that ARB has seen this many times from hitting kangaroos and it can been fixed with a few whacks from a two handed sledge hammer. He explained that I was taking a more expensive route by getting it straightened or re-fabricated.
There's a member in Destin and one just North of Palm Beach who pm'd interest. I'm trying to sell before the end of this weekend.... If not, next Tuesday I'll be chopping it up to start my Frankenstein project. I'm willing to drive it for a little extra, towards Tallahassee or towards Boca Raton.
He didn't really explain he said "seen this damage from slamming Roos in the outback can easily be fixed with a couple whacks from a double handed hammy." I assumed he was talking about a sledge hammer. A frame shop said its a $60-120 fix depending on if it would take 1hr or 2hrs on the frame machine. Welder said he would charge me $300-350 for the added foglight holes and extra tubing I wanted to add, as well as fitting it straight on the cruiser. I'm sure the rate will change depending where you live or if you can weld yourself.
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It's currently on my cruiser but I'm wanting to sell it because I'm possibly selling my cruiser.
Other then the slight bend... It's in fairly good condition. I planned on line-x ing the whole bumper. The pictures shows its current condition on my Lexus. I can send more detailed pics if you PM me your email.

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