80-series ARB bumpers

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Feb 24, 2004
Monroe, WA
United States
Not mine. But in my quest to find a new front bumper for the wife's LX450 before it was declared a total loss, I came across this guy.

He's in Covington Washington (Seattle area). I think he buys up loads of the 'scratch-n-dents' from the ARB warehouse (they don't have any 80-series bumpers in the 'scratch-n-dent' pile currently BTW) and resells them.

When I talked to him last week, he said he had 3 for the 80-series. I think they were all non-winch style, but I'm not 100% on that. One of them had been sandblasted to bare metal and he was selling it for $500. The others were stock black but likely have a scratch or two in the paint. I think he said $575 for those. I don't know if he had bumpers for any other Cruisers, but it doesn't hurt to call.

I figured I'd pass along a good deal to someone that can use it and send some business to a guy that tried really hard to hook me up. I don't know if he'll ship, and he said he only deals in cash. I'm too far away or I'd offer to handle the transaction and shipping for people that are interested.

That's all the info I have - call Jim at (253)631-7019
I'm interested if he has a winch bar. Thanks for the infor.
I talked to Jim in Covington today. He currently does not have a scratch and dent 80 series bull bar bumper. The next one is mine so dont even try..
He quoted me on a new one. $795
He has anything that ARB sells. I am going to go to his place when I get back to the states. I will give a full report. He mentioned ARB roofracks in the 250-350 range depending on whats wrong with them. Lights and all kinds of good stuff.

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