For Sale 80 series and some random parts

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Nov 23, 2007
Va Beach
All prices are OBO, if you want multiple things I'll practically give them away, just want to clear space!

80 Series parts:

$40 Toyota starter rebuild parts, 2- 28226-72010, 1- 28226-66060, 1- 28235-54380

Fenco brake master cylinder, used for less than 10k miles on my 97, I think it only fits 95-97

Step plate from rear bumper (aluminum piece)

stock transmission crossmember

Spare tire crossmember, no mechanism. Good piece for custom bracket for lights, camera, air tank, whatever.

stock thermostat, working condition

Magnaflow high flow cat "heavy metal" version 2.5" only used for a few thousand miles

$15 All auto master window switch from Lexus es330. Was going to do a custom project with this, never getting around to it.

Inclinometer from 4runner with pigtail, no housing

oil cooler, I think from a Mitsi Montero

$FREE Continental DWS tire, 275-40-17 half tread, great shape

Other random 4th gen F body/LS engine parts. PM for info.

P1080731.JPG P1080732.JPG P1080728.JPG P1080730.JPG P1080729.JPG

soldBrand new Rear O2 sensor, Toyota P/N 89465-69085 *Half of wholesale price!!
sold Landtank MAF housing with MAF sensor and FPR line caps
sold Black hub Fan clutch (Aisin) refilled with 10k fluid a few thousand miles, nice roar on start up, keeps things cool.
sold Temp gauge mod diodes
sold Offset caster bushings, one has a dent but worked fine when removed
sold Stock Evap/charcoal canister with clamps and air tube. Clogged, was going to clean and refill but never got around to it.
sold Throttle body gasket, brand new
sold LED headlights, 9006 low beams, very bright used for about a week, looks modern and new, just not my style.
sold Slee headlight harness, used but perfect condition
sold EMS intake tube, brand new but coating is flaking on inside, must be completely stripped to use
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I'll take the EMS intake tube
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Ill take the slee headlight harness
Slee harness and EMS intake sold!
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LED headlights sold.
more parts added
charcoal canister and TB gasket gone! make some offers guys, gotta make room!
Do you have an updated list of what's available?
Do you have an updated list of what's available?
I added a Toyota rear O2 sensor and I've got interest on the maf, clutch, diodes and caster bushings, but no $$$ so the current list is accurate.
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MAF, fan clutch, caster bushings and diodes sold, first post has been updated, let me know what you want!
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Taco Tuesday sale, any decent offer accepted!
I see you sold the LED Headlights, was that with the housing, I am in need of the glass lens or the entire housing for the Passenger Low Beam Light. Mine too a rock and punched a small 1/2" hold in the middle of the lens.
pm on master brake cylinder

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