80 series altimter and short visors

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Jun 15, 2006
Ipswich, MA, North Dakota, Phoenix
United States
I have a grey altimeter and short sunvisors that I bought in the UAE to install on my 80. They are used take-offs. The altimeter seems to work (I looked at it on the plane ride back, and it moved, although it was hard to figure out if it accurately measured 35,000 feet). The visors are OK, not torn or damaged, but still slightly dirty. One is not a perfect color match to the other, but useable and decent. The altimeter housing is still slightly stained (I took it off a FILTHY wrecked 80), even after cleaning. I decided to keep my visors as-is, especially since I'd just bought a new driver's side from Cruiserparts.net. I don't think the altimeter is a direct bolt-in, so you may have to do some mods, but don't know. It's complete, in good condition (except stained), has the sun-roof switch, and is a Toyota part. I'll try to get pics. I'm asking $150 or offers. Those @#&**% Arabs drove a hard bargain. Thanks, Ned
Does this also have an aux fule tank guage as well?

Lets see some pics.

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